VIRIYA is a range of herbal preparations designed to restore all the zest, virility, energy and libido that stress, modern living and the ageing process robs from todays man or woman. Not just used by men for Erection Enhancement, the aim of the creators of VIRIYA is to achieve an ongoing balance that promotes energy, helps tonify the kidneys, liver and blood and promotes clarity of mind and general well being naturally and gently. Many of our users take VIRIYA over a period of time for the restorative properties, vitality and virility restoring herbs in the formulas that help to boost libido and performance on an ongoing basis.
For Him, For Her, For Now                   


Ask Dr. Jean"I have tried various other products for energy and libido boosting but sadly no when I tried VIRIYA EVERYDAY WOMAN I really had no expectations, well was I amazed – in fact I first thought it must just be me getting my groove back but I can tell you I know it is the VIRIYA EVERYDAY WOMAN because I stopped for a week and the difference is wow!!!" (Ms D, aged 50)

"I have tried the many products available and Viriya comes out tops for value for money and at the same time definitely gives what it promises. I am very satisfied with this excellent product." (Mr R)

"Great pill you have here! I have tried lots of stuff to reclaim my libido..waste of money! But this pill is a killer. My wife says I am different these days." (Mr M, PTA)

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